A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 24

148744_10151272368177402_504809983_nThe first time I heard about MOPS was in my friends’ parent’s basement when the three of us were watching a DVD about how to raise children. Seems simple enough. Except we were all very pregnant teens and our parents were trying to help us to be the best moms’ we could be for our pending children. Fast forward about three or four years later I had my sweet boy, found an amazing man who wanted to marry me and said I could stay home and raise our children. I finally had a chance to see what that MOPS thing was for myself. And I fell in love. With the message behind it, with the concept of getting moms together and benefitting themselves not everyone else for one day a month. It is a support group of moms for moms. Moms who might not know what the love of another Godly woman get a chance to see what that is like. Child care is provided. We get coffee, treats and even make ourselves a craft that doesn’t include handprints or glitter. We get to hear a message about topics that are relevant to our lives. It’s great. I like it so much that this year I decided to co-coordinate with a good girlfriend, and together with our steering team we are making waves in the Ellensburg community. I don’t work outside of the home but if this is the closest thing to a “real job” that I have now, I am so lucky. If you are interested in joining a MOPS group there is a group finder on the MOPS website or if you are an Ellensburg local then stop by our cool new website¬†http://ellensburgmops.wordpress.com/

Halloween 2011 - Jess is on the far left and I am in the bee costume. This was the day I told everyone I was pregnant with Warner!

Halloween 2011 – Jess is on the far left and I am in the bee costume. This was the day I told everyone I was pregnant with Warner!


A Month of Thanksgiving: Days 22-23

Yes, I ended up being that girl. The one who just keeps grouping her thank yous together since she can’t keep up with the simple task of posting daily, or even weekly at this point… but things have been busy as you can expect. No wonder people pay other people to run their website because learning about it, doing it and keeping up with it is, whew, tiring. But for me it is rewarding I guess. So that brings me to my blessings.

Day 22

I am thankful for the internet. For all these cool electronic things and websites and other techie things. I am thankful that I can keep track of my family and friends through facebook, to follow a friend and a cousin’s growing bellies through blogs, and to be able to do so much online shopping it is like Christmas every day here when I open a box to find what random thing has arrived. I am thankful that I finally figured out how to download apps onto Dylan’s tablet (8 months after he got it!) so now he can play Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja with the best of them. I am thankful that I finally caved and joined Pinterest last week because boy oh boy are you in for a treat with Christmas snack, craft and activities in the next few weeks partially due to other people’s creative genius. And I am thankful for my blog. It is work and I think about posting all. the. time. and don’t actually, but I am still thankful because I really like thinking I am inspiring, encouraging, or otherwise entertaining myself and the people who may read it.

Day 23

I am thankful that I have siblings. I have this one really cool sister and a brother that is my favorite brother… well I’m lucky I have one of each so I don’t have to decide. They are so special and dear to me. They are funny, interject in conversations just like I do, and we all have a similar level of weirdness. It is great. I wish I could see them more but luckily 2ish hours isn’t too long of a drive. By the way I tried to find my favorite pictures of them not just the most unflattering.

Jackie at Weinerschnitzle


I also have awesome sibilngs-in-law (is that a term or am I coining something new here?). My sister married a great guy who is so much like Shane (in like personality and whit wise, not like career or looks). He is pretty cool and doesn’t loose it when my crew takes over his house from time to time. I’m sure someday my brother will find his princess so I am not worried about that. Shane has two brothers and two sisters and I am happy to say I love them all too. Holidays and family get togethers are always a hoot.

Uncle Coby and the boys

Uncle Coby and the boys after Thanksgiving dinner.

Hello world!

Yay I made a new blog because my last one just couldn’t handle all of the craziness. I will be posting on this site now as long as I can figure all the awesomeness that might be my new wordpress blog site. If you want to catch up on my older stuff please visit http://shannonesadler.blogspot.com .

Get ready because there is going to be some of this craftiness:

Some of this boyishness:And a lot this coolness!