Crafty Christmas Tooth Pick Tree and Cotton Ball Beard

The other day Lincoln and I were drawing on the white board in the playroom and I tried drawing him and his brothers so he could see a few parts of the body. Unfortunately all he kept saying was “apple baby.” Do you see what he is talking about. Hey, at least he knew what an apple was.

Apple Baby

Then he got everyone tangled up – or scribbled on… and his own face too.Lincoln Drawing

Dylan made a Christmas tree out of flat toothpicks. We glued them on with white glue, let it dry and then painted with green paint. He was going to draw on the ornaments but he thought the star stickers would look cool and be easier.
Toothpick Tree

Of course we wanted to start the season with the age old cotton ball beard Santa picture. I printed the template from here but just used it as a guide rather than a countdown like it was designed to be. I had to help Lincoln squeeze the glue out of the bottle because it was being a pain, but he stuck them all on himself. 
One Handed Gluing

Even Daddy got in there to help and Santa ended up with eyebrows. 
Daddy Helping

Lincoln was so very proud and couldn’t wait to show it off. I’ve decided to let the boys display all their Christmas art on the door of our entryway closet so by the end of the holidays I’m sure we will have a pretty impressive gallery.

Linc showing his beard


Having A Crafty Christmas

We have decided that we wanted to have a crafty Christmas this year. I am making a few presents, we are decorating with things we’ve made and baking for the neighbors. Dylan informed me that he would like to have activities to do after school (yeah because he doesn’t learn enough and because I have so much free time), so I came up with a list of crafts or activities to do every week day until Christmas. We will also be making or eating yummy fun Christmasy types of snacks leading up to the holiday.

MIstletoeThis is nothing fancy but I knew I didn’t want to spend money on mistletoe but they boys think it is so funny to get “trapped” under it until someone kisses you so I printed a coloring page off the internet and hung it in a main hallway type area. Of course the boys thought it would be clever to take a picture of all of them underneath it together.

Boys under mistletoe