Having A Crafty Christmas

We have decided that we wanted to have a crafty Christmas this year. I am making a few presents, we are decorating with things we’ve made and baking for the neighbors. Dylan informed me that he would like to have activities to do after school (yeah because he doesn’t learn enough and because I have so much free time), so I came up with a list of crafts or activities to do every week day until Christmas. We will also be making or eating yummy fun Christmasy types of snacks leading up to the holiday.

MIstletoeThis is nothing fancy but I knew I didn’t want to spend money on mistletoe but they boys think it is so funny to get “trapped” under it until someone kisses you so I printed a coloring page off the internet and hung it in a main hallway type area. Of course the boys thought it would be clever to take a picture of all of them underneath it together.

Boys under mistletoe


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